NAAC Re - Accredited 'A' Grade College
Affliated to Bangalore University, Bangalore, INDIA

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All Science Departments have separate laboratories of their own.
Physics Department has four well equipped Laboratories which can accommodate nearly 40 students to conduct experiments simultaneously.
Electronics Department has a separate Laboratory with latest equipment.
Chemistry Laboratory: The entire basement area is set apart for Chemistry Laboratory. It has excellent facility for conducting experiments in Physical, Organic, Inorganic and Biochemistry. It is well equipped with latest gadgets.
Botany and Zoology Laboratories have the most modern infrastructure. Museums attached to these Laboratories speak volumes about the hard work involved.
Biotechnology Department has two Laboratories. It has the entire infrastructure to conduct highly complicated experiments. It is the latest and the most modern Laboratory that a student can think of.
Computer Science Department has two Laboratories with the latest systems and internet facility.
Commerce Department has a Business Laboratory to help the students to learn computer business applications in a systematic manner.
Psychology Department comprises one Laboratory and a counseling centre attached to it.
English Language Laboratory: The College has a well-equipped English Language Laboratory to help students acquire proficiency in communication skills.